Nuance PDF Converter

Nuance PDF Converter 2.0

Convert PDF files to use with Office applications


  • Converts documents quickly
  • Preserves formatting of originals
  • OCR technology


  • Doesn't offer advanced editing options of Adobe

Very good

Nuance PDF Converter converts PDF files so that you can use them with office suites, particularly Microsoft Office.

Nuance PDF Converter does an impressive job of maintaining formatting and image positions in converted documents although you may need to make some manual adjustments if your PDF document is particularly media rich. Nuance PDF Converter also features character recognition (OCR) technology for text reading of PDFs.

When you open Nuance PDF Converter for Mac it immediately prompts you to open a PDF document. It will open it in the main interface and when you click the button to convert, it takes you to a web page where you are offered several conversion format options which is a bit more unusual than traditional PDF converters. You're also requested to enter your e-mail address so a link to the converted document can be sent with a password to open it.

Other useful features include the ability to search and replace text, text redaction (black-out text) and graphics management. Of course, like many PDF converters and editors, Nuance PDF Converter can't offer all of the advanced editing options of Adobe's own PDF software but its very close.

Nuance PDF Converter is a powerful and useful PDF conversion tool for anyone that needs to convert and edit PDF documents.

Nuance PDF Converter


Nuance PDF Converter 2.0

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